Come to 2 Fifth Street Wenatchee, WA (the old Sportsplex)

It is now our new beautiful church building!

There is enough space for everyone and we want to share it with EVERYONE!


“God would rather have you messed up then not at all.”

Our Big 3 Values

What Matters Most

Heart of Awaken

Live an Only God Lifestyle. Awaken God Given Gifts. Risk Everything to Reach Everyone.

Get Involved

Life is Not Meant to Walk Through Alone

ACTs Groups

Join an ACTs Group today. We believe in community and walking through life as a team.

Stay Connected

Many Ways to Keep up With Our Community

Come as You Are

God is the Creator
Don’t worry about being perfect before coming to church.

God wants a relationship with you no matter where you are in your life.

The Heart of Awaken

Thank you for coming to our church.

We are so glad that you walked in our doors and gave us a chance.

Four years ago we started our church with only a handful of people and a desire to reach everybody we possibly could for Jesus.

You are the reason we do what we do. The heart of Awaken is found in what we do differently.

When you give your life to Jesus, impossibilities become realities. Our goal is to be the most creative church possible because we believe our God is the Creator.
We are a movement church. Every message we give has a response that could involve coming forward, writing something or engaging someone. Experiencing God is not boring but often requires a physical response to something happening in our souls.
Every one in our church has grown to know that we do things together. Messages are put together as a team. Youth group revolves around a team. Kids ministry is fueled by a huge team. From greeting at the door each service to small groups everyone needs to be on a team with a mission. Life is a team sport and we want to do life together with each of you.
Youth ministry is vital in leading the church to the next era of church culture. The church needs to start doing the same things that are working right now in student ministries. The church needs to be ready for when kids graduate and become adults.
Come as you are and be who you are. We were all broken when God reached us. We love authentic people with real lives and real struggles. Religion is all about judging the outside but we believe that life is all about the inside.