Bible Reading plan 2024

There's no better book in the world to read than the Bible.
We are committing in 2024 to be a church that reads these life-giving words. Whether you start January 1st or find us somewhere along the way, we hope you'll join us!

Step One: Pick a plan

Whether you're an avid reader or not at all, you can find hope in the Bible this year! Find a plan in the YouVersion Bible App, on our app, or choose one that your discipleship group is doing together. 

Step Two:  (optional)

Step Three: Stick to it

Do you prefer to read on your phone? Would you rather listen to an audio version as you drive or cook dinner? Or do you like a good old-fashioned print Bible and a journal to take notes in? Whichever you choose, the important thing is to stick with it! 

If you miss a day (or 2, or 20) don't let shame or frustration stop you from picking it back up.  Reading the Bible isn't a religious requirement to prove you're holy. No way! We read the Bible because we want to know God more. And through that relationship with Him, by reading His words to us and responding in prayer, we become more like Him. It literally transforms our minds and hearts, teaching us how to  love God and people well.